Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 2015 meeting

It was lovely to see everyone again on a lovely March day. Lots of show and tell this month.




A big thank you to Jan for organising the silk hankie dyeing workshop. Nicole’s super idea of making the most out of the lovely weather backfired. As soon as the bottles of bright coloured dyes were dispensed into small cups, the wasps descended on our workshop.  Thankfully the wasps were not aggressive, and were happy to just hover over our work.

It is important to check that the gloves you are wearing do not have any holes in them, otherwise you may end up with a dyed finger or 2.

Please bring in your dyed samples to the April meeting to show off.  Later in the year, Carmel will be doing a workshop on various spinning techniques, and it would be great for you to bring in the silk hankies to get some tips on how to handle the silk fibre.
The 2015 KAL examples were terrrific to see. I am so pleased you are enjoying the shape of the shawl.  I hope you manage to get the March clues done fairly quickly.

Please try and remember to bring in your KAL each month, so we can see the progress throughout the year.