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December 2014 meeting

It was lovely to see so many of us at our final meeting of 2014.  Lots of wonderful dyed yarn from our frypan workshop in November.


Some lovely shawls, and scarves, and a few more 2014 KAL completed.


Some show and tell from Prague


and some more poppies for the 5000 poppy project. If you are interested in the Poppy Project, please see this link.

for free poppy patterns, see this link

If you would like to make some poppies over the Summer holidays, you can bring them into the Handweavers and Spinners Guild in Carlton, or a bit closer to home, the Doncaster Library has a box near the entrance of the library.


Pat showed us some wonderful 3D snowflake paper decorations.  If you missed Pat’s tutorial, you can see a youtube video here.  To make it a bit quicker, use staples, and start with square origami paper.  (Daiso (at Doncaster shoppingtown) have lovely coloured origami papers that can really show off the snowflakes. Also try the $2 type stores)

We had a lovely shared lunch today, such a variety of savoury and sweet to chose from.



We wish you a wonderful Christmas, and a restful Summer holiday.  Thank you for all your friendship, and sharing all your amazing talents this year.  We hope to see you all again in 2015.  Our first meeting will be Monday 16th February 2015.