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March meeting 2014

Thanks for everyone who attended our AGM today and welcome to our new committee members.  Thank you to our previous committee members who have given their time to ensure our group runs smoothly.

Not very much show and tell this month, however it was pleasing to see so many starts of the mystery knit along projects today.  Today members were given March and April clues (as our April meeting coincides with Easter Monday.)  We will still be having our meeting on Easter Monday, so if you can come along, it will be an informal session, with as much knitting and spinning as we possibly can do.

march2014 1

march2014 2Our group has purchased a blending board.  If you would like to take it home for a month to have a play making rolags, please let us know.  Rolags are great fun to make, and spinning them is lots of fun.  Janet gave us a great tutorial on how to make rolags using the blending board and also how to make them on a carder.  Thanks Janet, there are lots of possibilities to keep the creative juices flowing in our spinning.

march 2014 3

march 2014 4


L’il Aussie Prems Foundation

Need something to knit with those small left over balls of yarn from other projects?

This might be a cause you would like to knit for.

The L’il Aussie Prems Foundation help support families with premature babies.

9th April is “Wear Green for Premmies” DayImage

Patons have provided a free pattern for a premmie beanie online.

That’s Life magazine and Patons have a free pattern for premmie booties online.

(however, you can use any pattern in your library that you would like to.)

The foundation is asking for lime beanies to be sent the address below, before the 9th April to get as many premature babies wearing lime green beanies for the 9th April.

L’il Aussie Prems

PO Box 5548

Studfield, VIC, 3152

As we always do a charity drive throughout the year, we might like to consider donating booties and beanies to this foundation in 2014.   Put your thinking caps on to discuss any other charity suggestions you might have for our group this year.