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February meeting 2014

It was wonderful to see everyone back again after a very hot Summer break. Lots of knitting and spinning was done over the Summer, I think most of us just bunkered down in front of the air conditioning unit and watched the cricket and tennis, a great excuse to do little else in the heat.

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Upcoming February 2014 meeting

Hope your holidays were enjoyable, and you were able to find some airconditioning in those 40+ days we experienced.  I did quite a lot of spinning over the holidays, directly underneath the air conditioner unit in my lounge room, and watched a lot of DVD’s.

Our next meet up is Monday 17th February.  Looking forward to lots of show and tell from the last 2 months.

We have an exciting program set up for 2014, and I am sure you will enjoy all the wonderful things we have planned.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.ftgumd