Back to Beanie competition, Whittlesea Show 2013

We entered a team into the Back to Beanie competition at the Whittlesea Show.

2 spinners, 1 plier and 1 knitter.

The sheep was shorn by a shearer, and then we were given the cue to begin.

Flicking and spinning started frantic, to enable enough fibre to be spun, and then plied for the knitter to cast on as quick as possible.  Once the knitter had enough yarn to work with the spinning and plying became more relaxed.

backtobeanie1 backtobeanie2

The first team to complete the beanie were the “Flashy Fingers” at a time of 1hour 38 minutes.

Our team, the “Fleece Flirts” came second at the time of 1 hour 52 minutes.

It was a fantastic way to spend the morning, and promote the craft of hand spinning and knitting to the public.  There was lots of interest and questions and very inquisitive children.

Thank you to Sandra for organising the event.  We had a lot of fun.

Now we need to think of some more tactics for the Collingwood Children’s Farm Back to Beanie challenge at the end of November….stay tuned.


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