Royal Melbourne Show. September 2013

Did you get to the Royal Melbourne show this year? There was lots of knitted goodies to see. Here are just a few fibre related items that might interest you.

In the sheep shearing demonstration area, 2 shearers showed us how to shear a sheep with clippers and the electric shears.  The men were very entertaining and the kids loved getting a turn at using the clippers and the electric shears to shear a sheep. 


The RMIT Diploma of Visual Merchandising students had a great display of tea cosies in the art/craft pavilion foyer.sep13

Lots of interesting entries in the RASV exhibits, although poorly displayed to see the work in some of the garments.


Yarn Corner, a yarn bombing group proved to be very popular.  There were lots of cameras and phones clicking away taking photos of some of the creative crochet this group has been doing.

There was an indoor display in the centre of the arts/crafts pavilion. Where everything was covered in yarn, overs, tables, television, couch, telephones, nothing was left uncovered. (The tractor in the bottom row centre, was situated in the sheep shearing hall)


Leaving the pavilion was a feast for your eyes, a bright blue crochet covered car, towing a crochet covered caravan. There was also a crochet trolley with crochet plants, crochet bird bath, bicycles and a bbq.  Scattered throughout the showgrounds were crochet covered trees.

The Yarn Corner Facebook Page and Yarn Corner Webpage provide further information about their yarn bombing adventure and they also run group classes.

A recent post was added on their Facebook page which I thought was thought provoking , so I share it here with you. 

Yarn Corner  1 October 2013

Seems like we’re getting some feedback from people saying that yarn bombing is a waste of resources and a waste of time. 

This is always a topic of discussion when it comes to yarn bombing: why don’t you knit blankets for charity instead? Why are you wasting all that yarn? When it comes to Yarn Corner specifically, this is what we say…

Yarn bombing is an art form. It is just as expressive and …creative as painting, or sculpture, or photography. The only difference is that our medium is yarn. We don’t know why people tell us that we should be knitting blankets for charity not yarn bombing, but don’t tell artists that they should be painting watercolors for charity not painting for themselves?

For those that say we should be knitting for charity… Well in actual fact Yarn Corner work with many local charities and businesses, with the main ones being KOGO and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre and the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

For Kogo, we have a project called Granny A Day For Kogo, where each member knits or crochets one square a day for a year and sews them all together for blankets for Kogo to distribute to the needy.

For Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, two Yarn Corner members are teachers for their Crochet For A Cause workshops where we teach people to crochet blankets for women in Ethiopia who are going through life changing surgery.

For Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre, we helped implement an arts program called Yarning Around, where we teach patients to knit and crochet and they have the option of donating their items made to Kogo or to help us with our yarn bombing installations.
For the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, they receive any yarn bombed pieces after we’re done with installations, particularly the large tree pieces. They’re washed and bundled up to be used as dog and cat bedding at the hospital.

A lot of people drop off yarn to us that they wont use, or comes from deceased estates or that yarn companies can’t use. We use as much of it as we can and anything that isnt suited to yarn bombing goes to Kogo and ONJCWC for them to use with their programs.

So as you can see the majority of our work is done to benefit the community and thats why we love doing what we do and will continue to do it for a long time.

And so the question is… what do YOU do for YOUR community?


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