February 2013 Meeting

Great to see everyone again, and we welcome Pam to our meetings.  It’s great to see new faces, Jill, Caroline, Elaine and Pam have joined our friendly group recently.  If you know of anyone who would like to join us as well, please bring them along.

Lots of show and tell from the Summer holidays.  It seems the hot weather didn’t deter a lot of us from making things.  There seemed to be lots of things being created whilst watching the cricket and the tennis.

feb2013.1 feb2013.2

Jan's Dogs

Handy Hint from this meeting, about Alpaca Fleece.  Alpacas love to roll around in the dust and dirt, and sometmes the amount of grass in an alpaca fleece is incredible.  The handy hint today was to lay the fleece onto half a piece of flyscreen, or shadecloth, fold it over, use clothes pegs to secure, then use your vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt and dust.  Turn the piece over and do the same.  It was recommended to do it a few times, but this will help eliminate a lot of the dirt from the fleece! Great tip!

Until March, happy creating!


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