We are on Pinterest

have you heard about Pinterest?

Have you got folders and scrapbooks full of cut out magazines of pictures for inspirations, how to tutorials and other fibre related things?

Pinterest is like those folders, scrapbooks and corkboards, except it’s all online.  No need to get your scissors and glue out, you can “pin” pictures, videos and tutorials into boards of relevant topics to browse whenever and wherever you are.

This might be a good idea to add useful video tutorials that we find useful in one convenient place.  I always have trouble remembering the “Kitchener Stitch”, when I have almost finished knitting a pair of socks.  So, I have added the video that I use into the board “Knitting Tutorials” for the next time I am knitting a pair of socks.

You can find the Pinterest button underneath the Ravelry button on the left hand side of the page, which will link directly to our page.

Are you already a Pinterest member?  Would you like to contribute “pins” about spinning and weaving that help you and other members?  Please leave a comment below, or talk to Nicole at the next meeting.


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