September 2012 Fibre related news

Here are some interesting articles I have found this month that you may be interested in. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.

Love Lego?? have a look at this video of a loom made from Lego  Mechanical Loom made from Legos

Love to recycle?  Got a knitted item that you want to undo and start again, why not try dyeing it before you unravel it Experimental recycled sleeve dying with food dyes

More recycling? What about cotton knitted garments, unraveled, respun with beads and buttons How to make recycled cotton art yarn

Peter and Ingrid McMasters, owners of Spry Whimsy Fibre Arts make stunning felted items.

News Article, Japanese firms help 30,000 cotton farmers in India switch to organic, by Alyssa Alimurung

Need craft storage solutions?  This PInterest board gives you lots of pictures and ideas to try

I wonder if members would be willing to share their craft storage spaces….you can clean them up first before you take a photo if you like?

merino and black bamboo fibre




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