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Charly coming to visit

In preparation for our next meeting on the 15th Ocotber with guest spinner Charly (see upcoming events for further information) Please bring something of yours that you can hang on the wall for display, if possible already on a hanger for quick display. Below are a couple of examples.

skeins of yarn

Extra hangers will be brought along, and some pegs if needed.

See you there!


More September Fibre news

Time for a coffee???  Try this for some interesting reading and ideas

Tired hands, have a look at these exercises for knitters Ergonomics for Knitters

A guide to Wet Splicing for yarns

Great tips for joining new yarn are also here at Tricksy Knitter

Tricksy Knitter also have a free colour chart maker to help you make fair isle patterns and colour work on the computer

Fancy a crochet dress? 15 beautiful free crochet dresses

Online tutorials and classes to learn new techinques in all craft areas – Craftsy

September 2012 Show and Tell

A lovely display of work this month, from skeins of handspun wool, to fine handspun linen lace needlework pictures.

Janet and Nicole warped the loom ready for next month for a group project next month.    October meeting (Monday 15th) will be an exiting meeting with Charly McCafferty demonstrating spinning techniques.  See you all there, for information, click here.

We are on Pinterest

have you heard about Pinterest?

Have you got folders and scrapbooks full of cut out magazines of pictures for inspirations, how to tutorials and other fibre related things?

Pinterest is like those folders, scrapbooks and corkboards, except it’s all online.  No need to get your scissors and glue out, you can “pin” pictures, videos and tutorials into boards of relevant topics to browse whenever and wherever you are.

This might be a good idea to add useful video tutorials that we find useful in one convenient place.  I always have trouble remembering the “Kitchener Stitch”, when I have almost finished knitting a pair of socks.  So, I have added the video that I use into the board “Knitting Tutorials” for the next time I am knitting a pair of socks.

You can find the Pinterest button underneath the Ravelry button on the left hand side of the page, which will link directly to our page.

Are you already a Pinterest member?  Would you like to contribute “pins” about spinning and weaving that help you and other members?  Please leave a comment below, or talk to Nicole at the next meeting.

September 2012 Fibre related news

Here are some interesting articles I have found this month that you may be interested in. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.

Love Lego?? have a look at this video of a loom made from Lego  Mechanical Loom made from Legos

Love to recycle?  Got a knitted item that you want to undo and start again, why not try dyeing it before you unravel it Experimental recycled sleeve dying with food dyes

More recycling? What about cotton knitted garments, unraveled, respun with beads and buttons How to make recycled cotton art yarn

Peter and Ingrid McMasters, owners of Spry Whimsy Fibre Arts make stunning felted items.

News Article, Japanese firms help 30,000 cotton farmers in India switch to organic, by Alyssa Alimurung

Need craft storage solutions?  This PInterest board gives you lots of pictures and ideas to try

I wonder if members would be willing to share their craft storage spaces….you can clean them up first before you take a photo if you like?

merino and black bamboo fibre