August 2012 Fibre Related News

Here are a few items found on the internet this month that you might like to look at while you have a cup of tea or coffee. If you have any recommendations, please let us know for next months Fibre related news.

Ramie: An ancient textile is making its way back, by Leena Oijala

How to make knitted leaves, by Cara Graver, (youTube video)

Crochet Portraits by Jo Hamilton

Textiles 4 Textiles by Eco-Innovation

Geeking Out: Glitch Textiles, by Adrienne Breaux, on Phillip Stearns weaving and knitting pieces.

Spinning Wheel P0rn , unfortunate name for a group of Flickr photos.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoying looking at lovely photos of spinning wheels and  lovely fibre and handspun yarn. Warning, it may make your drool on your computer keyboard

hand spun wool wound into balls


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