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Show & Tell July 2012

As usual our members bring some beautiful pieces to show and tell.  Inspiring us all.

This month we had a selection of a Christmas Table Runner, shawl, socks, a “left over yarn” fair isle jacket, a men’s cardigan and a purple crocheted scrunchie.

July 2012 Show and Tell


July 2012 Tutorial – Short Row Knitting and Left Over Wool Blankets.

In July Nicole showed us how she has made 3 different blankets using the short row technique. Nicole had kept leftover sock wool for many years, and couldn’t bear to throw them away.  She wanted to be able to knit a blanket with them, but didn’t want to knit the wool into squares, because that would mean far too much sewing up, and weaving in ends (Nicole’s least favourite thing to do, other than ironing).   After “blanket searching” on Ravelry, she found a blanket that really appealed to her.

Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Blanket (available through Ravelry)  Nicole used leftover 4ply sock yarn and 3mm needles.  As the wool was thinner than the wool that Frankie used in her blanket, Nicole decided that instead of having 10 stitches, she would knit with 5 stitches. This blanket is worked from the middle to the outer edge, and Nicole is not sure when she will stop knitting rounds.

Nicole’s version of Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Blanket

Nicole wanted to give the impression that each row was another border, so there was still “left over ” sock wool that she still couldn’t bear to throw out.  So, back to Ravelry, and she found Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Twist Blanket (available through Ravelry)  A perfect blanket to use the left over, “leftover” sock yarn.

Nicole’s version of Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Twist

Now that Nicole has started spinning, she had accumulated leftover handspun yarn, and after knowing how long it takes to hand spin wool, there was no way she was throwing the left over yarn away, and she wanted a project she could add to as the left over yarn was available.  Back to Ravelry, and she found Laura Aylor’s Lizard Ridge Blanket (available from Ravelry).  Nicole is using all her leftover hand spun wool on 5mm needles.

Nicole’s version of Laura’s Lizard Ridge Blanket

Short Row Knitting

Short rows are used in knitting to create curves or darts.  They are rows of knitting that are only partly worked before turning your work and knitting back and forth to create a curve or dart.

Short Row Tutorials

There are many tutorials on YouTube.  Search “knit short row” or “wrap and turn knitting”

There are 1,000’s of patterns on Ravelry which include short rows, type in “short rows” in the pattern search.